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Effortless Control and Access to Documents Anywhere

Simplify your document management and automate expiry alerts with the Cleaners App. Keep your cleaning business document management organized and efficient, ensuring your cleaning service operates smoothly.

Streamlined Organization

Transforming Paper Trails into Digital Highways

Transition from paper chaos to digital order with the Cleaners App's Document Management module. This feature centralizes all your crucial documents, from Safety Data Sheets to cleaning checklists. With automatic alerts and anytime access, your team can always find the latest documents they need. Boost efficiency and collaboration in your cleaning business with our tailored solution.

  • Collaboration: Easy document sharing and management.
  • Anytime Access: Find documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Centralized Storage: All crucial documents in one place.
  • Timely Alerts: Automatic reminders for document renewals.
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Empower Your team

Boost Collaboration and Efficiency

Effective communication and collaboration are key to delivering exceptional service in any commercial cleaning business. The Cleaners App Resources Document Management module empowers your team by:

  • Providing secure permissions and controls for safe document sharing.
  • Enhancing communication and productivity by ensuring everyone has access to the most current files.
  • Automating document expiry management, so your team can focus on what they do best - providing top-notch cleaning services.

Instantly Share Documents

Quickly email resource documents from the field with a straightforward slide and click, providing clients with the most recent copy instantly. This feature enhances your team's efficiency and ensures your clients always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Stay Organized and up to Date

Maintain up-to-date records and keep your files organized with automatic document expiry management and custom folders. These features ensure you never miss a renewal date, keep your cleaning business compliant, and make document management a breeze.

Easy-to-Use Features

Boost productivity and communication in your cleaning business with our streamlined interface. Secure sharing, integrated permissions and controls, and organized folders not only save time but also keep your operations orderly and efficient.

Did you know that ...

With these features, the Cleaners App takes care of keeping your documents up-to-date, allowing your team to concentrate on delivering exceptional cleaning services.

The Cleaners App software is designed to help you run a cleaning business more efficiently, handling tedious administrative tasks for you, so you can focus on the cleaning jobs at hand.

Effortless Document Control

Simplified Document Management for Your Cleaning Business

Experience a centralized hub for all your crucial documents - from Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to licenses, company policies and Marketing materials.

With automatic expiry alerts, you'll never miss a renewal date, and access to the most recent document versions streamlines collaboration.

Versatile Solution

A Perfect Solution for All Your Cleaning Business Needs

Whether you need to manage your safety protocols, organize product brochures, maintain easy access to certifications, or store supplier information, our module has got you covered.

With the Cleaners App, you can save time, stay organized, and elevate your productivity and communication.

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Complete Business Solution

Everything Beautifully Connected

Explore our modules to see how the Cleaners App can transform your business.

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