Tasks in Cleaning Business: New Features Released

Tasks in Cleaning Business: New Features Released

Discover new features in the Cleaners App's Task Management module. Improve efficiency and streamline your cleaning business

June 18, 2024

Introduction to Enhanced Task Management

Managing tasks efficiently is key to success in the cleaning business. We are excited to share the latest updates to the Task Management module in the Cleaners App.

These new features are designed to simplify your workflow and make task management easier. Whether you are overseeing an office cleaning job, scheduling regular cleaning sessions, or managing a deep cleaning checklist, these updates will help you stay organized and efficient.

New Task Management Features Unveiled

We’ve introduced several new features to make managing tasks in your cleaning business more intuitive:

Improved Task Views

  • Quick Search Options: Quickly filter tasks by their status with the new "Open," "Overdue," "Complete," and "All" quick search buttons. This allows you to easily find tasks based on their current state.
Quick Search and Quick Filter Buttons
  • Switchable View Modes: Users can now toggle between List View and Card View for a more customized task management experience. Choose the view that best suits your workflow and preferences.
New Toggle Buttons

Improvements in Task Card Views

The Card View has been enhanced to provide more detailed information at a glance:

  • Enhanced Task Cards: Each task card now displays crucial information such as Due Date, Task Type, Tags, and Task ID. This helps you keep track of all necessary details without needing to open each task.
  • Overdue Task Alerts: Overdue tasks are now highlighted in red text for easy identification, ensuring that you never miss a critical deadline.
New Tasks Card View

Efficient Task Management Actions

Managing tasks is now faster and easier with new quick action features:

  • Quick Edit, Status Update, or Delete: Each task card features shortcuts to quickly edit, mark as complete, or delete a task. This streamlines task management by reducing the steps needed to update tasks.
Quick Actions
  • Convenient Side Drawer Editing: Clicking the edit icon opens a side drawer with detailed editing fields, making it easy to update task information without leaving the main screen. This ensures you can make changes efficiently while maintaining your workflow.
Edit Task Side Drawer

Benefits of the New Task Management Features

The latest updates to the Task Management module offer several benefits that will enhance your cleaning business operations:

  1. Improved Navigation: The new quick search and view toggle features make navigating through tasks faster and more intuitive. You can quickly find and manage tasks based on their status and preferred view mode.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: Detailed task cards and overdue highlights help you keep track of priorities and deadlines effectively. This ensures you stay on top of critical tasks and deadlines.
  3. Streamlined Editing: Quick actions and the side drawer for editing ensure that task updates are seamless and efficient. You can make necessary changes without disrupting your workflow.

Benefits to Cleaning Businesses

These improvements in the Tasks module bring significant advantages to your cleaning business:

  1. Efficiency in Task Management: With enhanced task views and quick search buttons, managing your cleaning tasks becomes much easier. Whether you are overseeing tasks in the office area or managing a cleaning job in the break room, the improved navigation helps you stay organized.
  2. Better Tracking and Prioritization: The detailed task cards provide all the necessary information at a glance, helping you track and prioritize your cleaning tasks more effectively. Overdue highlights ensure that important tasks like cleaning windows and emptying trash are not missed.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: The quick actions and side drawer editing features streamline your workflow, making it easier to update and manage tasks. This is especially useful for regular cleaning schedules and managing commercial cleaning services.
  4. Improved Communication: Clear task details and status updates enhance communication within your team. Whether it's dusting surfaces, mopping floors, or handling a deep cleaning checklist, everyone stays informed and aligned.

Coming Soon to the Cleaners App

These updates are currently available in the Cleaners App Portal, but similar enhancements will soon be available in the upcoming release of App 2.1.

We appreciate your trust in us and are excited to see how these new features enhance your task management experience.

Your feedback is invaluable—let us know how these updates are working for you!

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