Unveiling the New CRM Update for Cleaners
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Unveiling the New CRM Update for Cleaners

New CRM Update for Cleaners to boost your efficiency. Try the Cleaners App for free and transform your business today!

March 5, 2024

Maximize Your Cleaning Efficiency

In the dynamic world of cleaning services, staying ahead means adopting tools that not only streamline operations but also enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. The latest CRM update for cleaners is a testament to this pursuit, offering significant advancements in speed, efficiency, and user-friendly navigation.

Key Highlights of the CRM Update:

  • Smooth Navigation: The optimized design of the CRM interface now allows cleaning business owners to navigate through contacts, locations, and tasks with greater speed and intuition. This upgrade means accessing crucial information with fewer clicks, saving precious time every day
  • Enhanced CRM Elements: Managing your cleaning schedules and client details is now more effortless with the introduction of smart tables. Features like Location Cards enable quick access and management of location-specific information right from the smart table, streamlining your workflow.
Quick Edit location Slide drawer
  • In-Page Editing: The CRM now supports in-page editing within smart tables, allowing for immediate data updates without the need to navigate away from your current task. This feature simplifies data management and ensures real-time accuracy.
  • More Information at a Glance: A new Site Name column in smart tables for Locations enhances the ease of identifying and connecting data, facilitating more efficient project and client management.
New Site Name details included.
  • Quick Access to Communication History: A novel quick-link icon provides instant access to a contact's communication history in a new tab, keeping your current screen open for uninterrupted work. This improvement makes tracking past interactions more accessible, thereby enhancing customer service and coordination.
Quick Navigation shortcut to view more client details.

These CRM updates are thoughtfully designed with the cleaning professional in mind, aiming to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more focus on delivering exceptional service to clients.

By simplifying project management and customer interactions, these CRM enhancements are poised to transform how cleaning companies operate. We invite our users to share their feedback and experiences, as we continue to refine our solutions to meet the evolving needs of the cleaning industry.

Your Cleaning Business, Redefined:

Embrace these latest CRM updates and experience a significant improvement in managing customer information, sales processes, and cleaning projects. With our cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform, your team can access vital information anytime, anywhere, ensuring seamless coordination and elevated client satisfaction.

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