Announcing the Cleaners App
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Announcing the Cleaners App

Explore the new Cleaners App – your top choice for eco-friendly, efficient cleaning solutions. Learn more now!

April 12, 2024

The Cleaners App – Powered by Formitize

Your Dedicated Partner in Cleaning Excellence

Formitize is excited to introduce the Cleaners App—crafted specifically for the cleaning industry. Our dedication to providing specialized tools remains unwavering, and we're thrilled to focus our efforts on supporting cleaning professionals around the world.

New Logo & Brand Identity

To emphasize our commitment, we've developed a distinct brand and logo for the Cleaners App. This new branding will become more visible as we launch it across various channels.

Cleaners App - Powered By Formitize Hi resolution logo

Launch of a New Website

We've also rolled out a new website to serve as the central hub for our cleaning clients. This platform will not only keep you updated on the latest enhancements to the app but also feature crucial industry news and insights from our partners. Check out the new website!

"Authorized Business" Accreditation

For our users, we're introducing an Authorized Business Badge. This accreditation showcases your commitment to utilizing cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology in cleaning. Displaying this badge will reassure your clients of your dedication to quality and sustainability.

Cleaners App - Authorised Business

Continuous Updates and Industry Insights

Stay informed with regular updates on the latest technologies, trends, and events in the cleaning industry. Our collaboration with training organizations, insurers, and suppliers ensures you have access to the most current information. Find out more.

Our Commitment to the Cleaning Industry

Our passion for enhancing cleaning operations drives us to forge strong relationships within the industry and continuously innovate our solutions.

For more detailed information and to explore the benefits of becoming an Authorized Business Partner, check out our new Cleaners App website.

Take Your Cleaning Business to the Next Level

Ready to transform your cleaning business operations?

Dive into the Cleaners App and witness a transformative shift in your operations, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth. Packed with intuitive features and a user-centric design, the Cleaners App stands as the pinnacle of cleaning business software solutions.

We're more than just a software provider; we're your partner in success. Whether you have queries, need insights, or simply want to share your journey, we're here every step of the way. Reach out and let's collaborate to sculpt the future of your cleaning business. Your success story starts here.

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