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CRM Database Icon

Customer Database (CRM)

Customer Contacts, Multiple Locations, Call, SMS and Email, Job Management, Form Management, Sales Pipeline, Document Management, Quoting
and Invoicing, Task Management, Client Timeline History

Job Management Icon

Job Management

Cloud Scheduler, One-off & Recurring jobs, Auto Reminders, Job Routing and Tracking, Safety First, Link to CRM and Assets, Integrated Quote & Invoice, Customised Job Forms, Integrated Webforms, Real-time Status Updates

Tasks Icon


Live Link to CRM, Live Link to Job, Live Link to Accounts, Task Types, Task Source Tracking, Auto Task Creation, Integrated Checklists, Add Attachments, Bulk Action and Task Dashboard

Accounts Icon

Accounts & Invoicing

Desktop & App, Quoting / Estimates, Auto Quote Follow-up, Invoicing, Auto Invoice Chasing, Purchases & Expenses, Card Payment Gateway, Link to CRM & Jobs, Xero & Quickbooks and Automated Receipts, QuoteAccept & PayNow

Safety Icon


Safety Forms, Safety First Jobs, Safety Documents, Safety Register, Safety Workflows, Safety Reporting, Automated Alerts, FormBank Templates, Automated Status, Updates and Safety Form Dashboard

Documents Icon


Custom Folders, Desktop & App Access, User Permissions, Auto Expiry Alerts, Swipe to Email, Swipe to Print, History Tracking, Status Dashboard, Integrate to CRM & Jobs and Integrate to Accounts

Users Icon

Users and Permissions

User Profiles, User Permissions,
User Groups, User Qualifications,
User Training Records, User Documents, User Notes, User App Alerts, User Job Tracking and
User Reporting

smart forms icon

Smart Forms

FormBank Templates, Drag & Drop Builder, Job, Kiosk, Safety formats, Automated Actions, Saved Form Status, Link to CRM, Jobs & Assets
Desktop and App view, Webform & iFrame options, Securely stored
API & Integrations

smart assist icon

Smart Assist

Appointment Reminders, Auto Job Status Updates, Auto Invoice Creation, Auto Lead Follow Up, Auto Quote Follow Up, Auto Invoice Chasing, Document Expiry Alerts, Auto Monthly Reporting, Form Actions & Task Actions

Smart Reports icon

Smart Reports

Contact Reporting, Task Reporting, Form Reporting, Schedule Auto, Reporting, Income & Expenditure, Asset Reporting, Sales Pipeline Reporting, Job Reporting, Email Send Reporting and Reminder Reporting

Sales Pipeline Icon

Sales Pipeline

Multiple Pipelines, Custom Stages, Automatic Follow Up, Expected
Value, Pipeline Value, Click to Quote, Click to Invoice, Click to Job, Trigger from Webform and Pipeline Dashboard

Scheduler Icon


Day, Week, Month, Single & Recurring, Drag & Drop to create, Calendar & Map View, Job Route Order, Team User Grouping, People & Assets, Custom Colours, Custom Day Settings and Smart Routing option

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Smart Add-ons

Explore our incredible selection of optional features that, when integrated into your business, can revolutionize your operations and propel you ahead.


Efficiently manage multi-stage compliance tasks like Non-Compliance Management, Incident, and Near
Miss Reporting. Simplify operations
and enhance your business with Workflows.


Complete Asset Management platform
that integrates seamlessly to CRM, Client Locations, Jobs, and Forms, creating a powerful and incredibly flexible Asset solution with Change Log and QR integration.

Smart Routing

Transform your day with powerful Smart Routing route optimization. One click to automatically reorder your jobs for the day, saving travel time and fuel costs. Incredibly smart, easy to use, and  integrated into the Job Scheduler.

Client Portal

Client Portal (coming soon)

Permission-based Client Portal, enabling your customers to Accept Quotes, Pay Invoices, Review Form Reports, Request Jobs, and more. Give your customers the information they need.

Power BI Integration

Unified, scalable platform, Connect Submitted Forms, Collate and table data, Visualize data, Create Charts, Add Data Connectors, Share &  Collaborate, Custom Dashboards, Integrate with Microsoft Suite.

Security Plus

Additional Security Elements including options for 2 Factor Authentication, Forced Password Reset, Password Complexity, Login Tracking, URL Monitoring, Browser Monitoring and Microsoft SSO.

Elevate your business to new heights by harnessing the power of seamless integrations. Connect with industry-leading tools to streamline your operations, automate processes, and boost efficiency.

Xero Logo

Xero Integration

Streamline finances with Xero Integration: 2-way sync, CRM balance checks, manage customers, suppliers, invoices, payments, taxes, and terms efficiently.

QuickBooks Logo

Quickbooks Integration

Optimize finances with Quickbooks Integration: 2-way sync, CRM balance checks, manage customers, suppliers, invoices, payments, taxes, and terms seamlessly.

Stripe integrations

Elevate payments with Stripe Integration: Card gateway, web and in-app payments, client portal, invoice integration, Xero compatibility, secure, low fees.

Mailchimp Integration

Enhance outreach using Mailchimp Integration: Bulk emailing, CRM integration, auto updates, ideal for newsletters, announcements, promos, and new offerings.

Zapier Integration

Maximize connectivity with Zapier Integration: Link to Google Suite, Slack, Wave, Microsoft Excel, Calendly, and thousands of other platforms.

Smart Forms

Streamline Your Workflow with Flexible Forms and Templates

Enhance your cleaning operations with our versatile forms and templates, designed to streamline your processes and increase efficiency. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to customize forms to fit the unique requirements of each job, ensuring thorough documentation and consistent results. With our adaptable templates, you can quickly set up new tasks, ensuring that your team always has the right tools at their fingertips.

Explore Forms & Templates
A young man using a tablet device and viewing Cleaners App Forms and Templates
A group of Cleaning Ladies on thier job appearing happy while using the Cleaners App

Optimized Operations

Advanced Job Management and Scheduling

Take control of your cleaning schedules with our advanced Job Management system. Designed to maximize efficiency and streamline your operations, our tool helps you manage tasks, allocate resources, and track progress in real-time. Ensure timely completion of all cleaning projects with automated scheduling that adjusts to your business needs.

With our comprehensive system, you can easily plan ahead, reduce downtime, and enhance customer satisfaction by always staying on top of your workforce's schedule.

Explore Jobs & Scheduling

Online Agreements Instantly

Delight Customers with Easy Online Agreements

Streamline your process and delight your customers with our Online Agreements Suite. Say goodbye to cumbersome printing, signing, scanning, and emailing. Easily pre-populate details and email a web link for instant signing on any device, anywhere.

Our suite of agreements is designed to make things easier for your customers.

Discover Agreements
A person usoing a mobile device and accepting online agreements from the cleaners app
A happy Cleaning Lady after a Job well done appearing satisfied.

Automated Reminders

Personalized & Improved Customer Engagement.

No more manual reminders, no more missed appointments. With Automated Reminders, you can keep your customers engaged and informed effortlessly. Our automated system takes care of the details, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional customer serviceto your customer and growing your business.

Explore Reminders

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